A Perfect Salvation

Matthew 5:48 – Jesus told his disciples that they need to be perfect. As we get older it is easier to become more skeptical. More problems come up. More disappointment. Fewer answers.

A measure of insecurity can come into our lives as we realize that we often fail.

One of the main answers to this is to focus on something other than ourselves. Turn your focus to Christ. See the marvelous salvation that he has made possible for us.

A perfect salvation. A perfect savior.

What is Perfection

What is perfection? What does it mean?

The quality of being perfect – freedom from fault or defect. Flawless. Mature. Accurate. Excellent. Exemplification of Supreme excellence (God – Jesus).

When we receive a perfect salvation we are restored to a relationship with God that we were designed to be in.

As we focus on Christ and his awesome perfection we realize and sense God’s incredible power. We should react like Peter did, he recognized how imperfect he was in the presence of a perfect Christ.

What Makes Jesus’ Sacrifice Perfect?

Hebrews 10:1-18

  1. Jesus sacrifice is better than the sacrifice of animals. Jesus gave himself. Sacrifices under the old covenant were a shadow of what Jesus would later do.
  2. Jesus sacrifice is a substantial sacrifices. This was the real thing. Not the shadow like all previous sacrifices.
  3. Jesus sacrifice was voluntary.
  4. Jesus sacrifice was an adequate sacrifice. Adequate for you. Adequate for me. Adequate for all.
  5. Jesus sacrifice was an atoning sacrifice.

What Does The Perfect Sacrifice Mean for Me?

  1. It means my guilt can be removed.
  2. It means that I can be pardoned from the just reward for my sins.
  3. It means that God’s remembrance of our sin is removed.
  4. It means I can be secure in my salvation. God will not turn me away.

Jesus Sat Down

  1. Christ’s work of atonement is done.
  2. God is satisfied with the sacrifice.
  3. Jesus is granted sovereignty with his Father. Philippians 2
  4. My Salvation is complete and effective. It is accomplished.

What is Faith?

  1. Faith is knowledge. Faith begins with knowledge. This is not a level of saving faith, but it is absolutely necessary.
  2. Faith is assensus – an intellectual assent.
  3. Faith is Fiducial – personal trust and reliance.

When we cast ourselves on God, committing to him, that is a saving faith. It is difficult to pinpoint where faith comes from, but it is clear that it comes by hearing and responding.

Sanctification is a Work in Progress

Our salvation is a done deal when we throw ourselves on Christ. Our salvation is perfect. Jesus accomplished that sacrifice for me.

As to perfection, there is an ongoing process of sanctification. Submitting to Christ’s work in our lives means that we will continue to be sanctified.

We need to continue to allow ourselves to be worked on.