Abide in Him

1 John 2

Those who are trying to deceive you

  • Anti-Christs aim to deceive. It isn’t that they are accidentally spreading false teaching, they teach with the motive of deception.
  • Anti-Christs remind us that we are in the “last era.” The next thing on the horizon is the return of Christ.
  • Anti-Christs are not “of us.” They acted like they belong but they are really wolves in sheep’s clothing.
  • Anti-Christs are liars. They deny Christ and that he came in the flesh.

Anointed with the Holy Spirit

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit is our teacher. We all need teaching that helps with the understanding of scripture, however, we don’t need teaching that is adding to scripture.

If we are following the Holy Spirit we will find our lives lining up with scripture.

Perhaps the biggest danger here is that we can mislead ourselves. That is where scripture and the Holy Spirit can really help keep us on the right track.

Abide in this truth.

There are some things that we all learned as youngsters that will always be true. There is no circumstance that will make 1+1 come to something other than 2.

The Holy Spirit has lead you into truth. Let it continue to lead you into truth.

When we abide in Christ we miss out on nothing. Galatians 5:22-23.

John 15 – Unless we are abiding in Christ, as a branch in the vine, we can do nothing.

  • We need to hold fast onto the truth that we’ve heard and believed.
  • We need to obey the truth that we’ve heard and believed.
  • We need to stay with and before Christ. Abiding in Christ is the only source of true strength.