Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Or My Brother’s Brother?

This sermon – Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Or My Brother’s Brother? – was originally preached 2013.09.22 by Steve Yoder.

Scriptures used: Genesis 4, John 15, Galatians 6, Psalm 121:3-5, Romans 8:35, 1 John 3, Jude.

Cain asked God a question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” God didn’t answer Cain directly here, but as we look through the rest of scripture we find God’s answer.

Christians are called to be a brotherhood. We are to be our brother’s brother.

The idea of being “our brother’s keeper,” has the idea of being a “policeman” of sorts. That isn’t what we are called to be, but we are to be our brother’s brother. That means we are to care for our brother. Want their best. Encourage them. Help them when we can.

Love needs to be the driving force for how we relate to our brothers (or sisters).

Love is what took Jesus to the cross. That is what love looks like. That is what love is willing to do.

We Cannot Make Choices for our Brothers

We will all stand before Jesus in the end. We will all bear our own guilt before God. No one else can believe the gospel for us. We are personally responsible for our destiny, our salvation, etc.

We can influence people as much as we like, but we cannot “choose” for them.

We will not be held accountable for not doing the things that we cannot do.

We Can Help Bear Some Burdens

All of us need help with situations that are out of our control or are too heavy for us. That is what a brother is for.

We are responsible for what we can do. We can touch those around us. We can love. We can lead. We can reach out. We can evangelize. We can encourage.

We must experience the gospel ourselves. We must live it.

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