Avoiding the Trap of Balaam

Numbers 24:10-14, Revelation 2, Peter 2:15

We are being affected today. We are witnessing an unprecedented acceptance of God’s word to turn around and negate his message.

Genesis 3:1 – The devil brings a question into the mind of Eve, “hath God said?” This isn’t something new that has come into existence recently, this is something that has been around since the very beginning.

If we aren’t firmly grounded pressure brings about changes in our lives, what we believe and what we choose to believe.

Who would you find to be your favorite musical artist? Do you know them, their background, what they stand for?

What about your favorite preacher?

What about your favorite author?

What bout your best friends?

These are people who will influence you. Are their lives consistent with the things they teach? Are the consistent with what we say we believe?