Awareness of Spiritual Failure

1 Corinthians 10:1-13

Most of us know at least some of the story of the Titanic. A huge boat that sank in the early 1900’s. Something in the neighborhood of 1500 people lost their lives.

It is easier to learn from others mistakes than our own. It can also save us a lot of heart ache if we are able to learn from the things that others have done incorrectly.

Spiritual maturity isn’t in seeing how close to evil we can get and not be harmed. Instead it is having the courage and ability to stay away from the these evil things entirely.

Paul gives voice to a fear that he has of, after preaching for much of his life that he might lose out in the end.

Experiences We Share with Israel

God’s presence was obvious with the Children of Israel as they moved out of Egypt toward Canaan. It is also with us today through the Holy Spirit.

God’s deliverance for Israel was great and incredible. Our deliverance from sin is equally as great.

God’s provision for the Children of Israel was pretty incredible. However, with most of the children of Israel God was not pleased.

Hebrews 3:14-17 – All of us need to take personal stock of where we are with Christ that we be not disqualified in the end. The problem is in our hearts, the things that we love and long for.

Is it possible to sit in church week after week, do all the things that God’s people do and still have our hearts set on evil things?

Examples of Failure

Exodus 32 – The Children of Israel fell into idolatry. Paul is warning us here that we must be aware of what we are worshiping. Do we worship God on Sunday and then “whatever” throughout the rest of the week?

  • Our family.
  • Possessions.
  • Our body.
  • Our work.
  • Anything that takes the place of God.

Is there anything that you need to get rid of that has too high a place of importance in our lives?

Immorality is a rampant issue today. We are surrounded by many influences that push us towards immorality. Take action against the sin of immorality.

God’s patience is amazing and huge. Does God get to the end of his patience? Yes he does. There is a warning here to not put God to the test.

Are you a grumbler? There is a warning here against being dissatisfied with the things that God has put in your life. Grumbling is serious… here it is the same list with idolatry, immorality and testing God.

The Exhortation

We must be aware lest we fall. Where are we?

God is faithful, He is never the problem. God makes everything available to us, but we still have a choice in these matters. We need confidence in God but not in our own ability.


There is a way out!

Temptation begins with our natural desires, but God has made a way of escape so that we can overcome.

Temptation has been happening since the beginning of time. God gives us the tools to resist temptation, we must use these tools to find the way of escape from our temptation.

Let us learn from history. The failures of the past don’t have to be failures that we experience.