The Baptisms of Jesus and John

Luke 3:1-22

John the Baptist was an incredible man. Jesus and others throughout the New Testament spoke highly of him. John lived in the same as some very important people, Caesar, Herod and some others. Yet we are told in the New Testament that John the Baptist “eclipsed them all.”

John the Baptist was stern and unafraid in his preaching. He spoke against what the pharisees and the leadership of the day. His listeners heard what he said and were moved by his messages.

John was different than those around him. He was humble, “Jesus must increase, I must decrease.” He wasn’t showy. He wasn’t greedy. He did what he said those who listened to him should do.

John the Baptist was a good example for all of us. His example shows us that it is all about pointing others to Christ. It wasn’t about him. It was all about Jesus.

Johns message to those that would listen was to repent. Repentance includes a turning. Turning away from sin. Turning towards Christ. Repentance does cause a changed life.

Have we truly repented? Have we swept the house? Let us be sure that we are constantly repenting when the Holy Spirit shows us that we have done wrong.

Johns baptism was about repentance, but he said that one would come after him who would baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

Matthew 28:16-20 – When Jesus sent out his disciple he told them to go out and make disciples, baptizing those who would follow Christ.

Baptism is about identifying with Jesus, but it is also about identifying with the body of Christ – fellow believers. Jesus is building his church and is inviting all to come and be a part. In baptism we choose to identify as a brother or sister in this church of Christ.

Our greatest opportunity is to bless our brothers and sisters in our local church. Are we willing and intent to relate meaningfully with our fellow believers?

Thankfully God has provided us with the power and ability to cary out the calling that he has placed on our lives. Jesus prayed after his baptism and the heavens parted and the Holy Spirit descended upon him as a dove.

At Jesus baptism God’s voice assured him of his sonship and that the Father approved of him.

Romans 8:15-16 – We can be adopted, as his own children. Sons and daughters of the most high God. We really belong in His family.