A Burden for the Local Church

What is the super glue that will hold a church together? How much wind does it take to blow the house over?

God has a purpose for the church – and we are to align ourselves to the purpose of the church.

Acts 4:31-35

What are the things that the Holy Spirit birthed when he ‘fell upon’ them?

  • They spake the Word of God with Boldness.
  • They were of one heart and soul
  • They were effected on an economic level
  • Great grace was upon them all.

That looks like some pretty amazing glue.

None of them lacked. There was equality. They had all things common.

If we search scripture and try to discover what God’s heart is in the church – and there are so many things. Themes in the New Testament that are emphasized in the church.

God has a purpose for the church. It has to do with his Glory, his Kingdom, with eternity, etc.

Secondary Purposes

  • Not to give you a country club / time share
  • Not primarily a social club / fellowship needs to be more than social interaction.
  • Not primarily a big youth group
  • Not primarily so you can find a church that you are comfortable with
  • Not primarily to have a church that matches your convictions and standards.

But our primary reason for being part of a church shouldn’t be for secondary reasons.

What are God’s Primary Purposes?

5 Purposes – Ephesians 3; Ephesians 4

“That unto him be Glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end.”

We come into the Kingdom of God as a “me” and step right into a “we”. It’s a whole lot harder.

  1. Community – commitment / loyalty / fellowship
  2. Ministry – equipping our people to be effective ministers.
  3. Purity – 1 Corinthians 5 – Paul’s primary concern for the Corinthians church is purity. God is primarily concerned for the purity of the bride.
  4. Reproduction – making disciples / having the wisdom to be one step ahead so that we can lead others to Christ.
  5. Maintenance – 1 Thessalonians 5:21 – maintenance is important. Holding fast to that which is good.

Putting our greatest energy into those thing that are of highest importance to him!