The Secret of Contentment

Sermon Text: Philippians 4:1-23 What is contentment? What is the secret of contentment? How can we learn contentment? What is Contentment? Dictionary definition of contentment is – Contentment is the state of happiness and satisfaction. Is the secret of contentment having the right stuff? If we were to believe all of the advertisements we come […]

Sitting at Jesus’ Feet

Luke 10:38-42, John 5:24 – Are you thrilled to be a Christian today? We have passed from death to life because of Christ. There was an important visitor coming to Martha’s house. The place was buzzing with excitement! Jesus was coming to visit Martha, Mary and Lazarus. John 10:5 – Jesus loved this family very […]

Our Victorious Jesus

Luke 4:1-13 Luke wrote both the book of Luke and the book of Acts to this “Theophilus” guy. In Luke 4 we will be taking a look at Jesus and his temptation in the desert. He was tempted for 40 days! A lot of times we struggle because of past sins. We are tempted partially […]

Recognized by Jesus

Why don’t you “come and see.” This is one of the simplest ways to talk to people about Jesus. We can argue all day about Jesus, but often it is best to simply say, “come and see.” Jesus called 12 disciples. He calls us as well. We are his disciples, we his work must do. Jesus knew Nathanial. He saw him under the fig tree, before Philip called him. Jesus knows everything about everyone. Which would be scary, except that Jesus loves all of us. Do we recognize Jesus? Jesus knows and recognizes us, but can…

Listen to the Speaking Blood

Abel’s blood was speaking so loudly that it was heard in heaven. The blood of Jesus, which was shed on the cross is speaking better things than the blood of Abel. Blood is very important. If you lose too much blood you lose life. Blood is important because life is important. What is it that Abel’s and Jesus’ blood is speaking to us? Abel’s blood in the ground was really bad news for Cain. Jesus blood for us is very good news!

Jesus – The Same Today and Forever

There are a lot of things that change, but Jesus never changes. He is rock solid. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t move. Jesus is always at work and moving among and within those who are his. We will all face death. Death is a huge change. If we know Jesus it is a great change. If we do not know Jesus it is a really bad change. Niagara falls is considered to be one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Joseph Foreshadowing Jesus

This sermon – Joseph Foreshadowing Jesus – was originally preached 2014.01.26 by Dan Freed. Joseph Foreshadowing Jesus A shadow is not “the real thing” it is rather an appearance, something that mirrors the real thing. Colossians 2:16-19 It is fascinating to look for Jesus as we read the Old Testament. The greatest class ever taught about […]