The Significance of Easter

Philippians 2:5-11 – Jesus became obedient, even to death on the cross. At some point in your life you will become aware that the only relationship that really matters is the one that we can have with Jesus. The Easter story is one of love, humility, obedience, scorn, blood, death, spiritual life, and many other […]

The Power of Christ’s Influence

Think for a minute about the food pyramid that the FDA has created. It gives us divisions or groups to put the food that we eat into. The power of Christ’s Influence in our lives is something that we should look at, it is integral to our very Christian life. The disciples had seen the miracle of loaves and fishes. Their boat had been suddenly transported from one side of the lake to the other.

The Narrative of the Magi

There is potential to get “Christmas fatigue.” However we should never get tired of the true Christmas story. Numbers 24:17 – A prophet, Balaam, from the Old Testament foretells the star. Balaam was a wicked prophet who continually tried to bring a curse against the people of Israel. His goal was to earn some money… Mathew 2:1-23 – The story of the Magi following a star to find Jesus. The Magi were the first gentiles to come to see the fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus.

The Kingdom of Jesus

How do we process all that is going on around this time of year? We are part of the kingdom of Christ, but do we loose focus because of the events in the news and the times we find ourselves living in? How do we relate to all this? It is good for us to know that living our lives in a way that reflects Christ does make a difference. Even though we aren’t always aware of the differences we are making in the lives of those around us. If you were to set up a king…

Thanksgiving With Jesus

God is good. Even when we don’t understand. Colossians 1:12 – God rules over the powers of darkness today, just as he did at the time that these words were written. All of God’s creation is sustained by his power. All of creation, the milky way, the stars, the oceans, all of it is under the control and is sustained by God. Isaiah 40:12-20 – How big is God. He weighed out the mountains and the valleys. We can come together and worship Christ…

Trumpets Shall Sound

The people of Jericho knew that there was a people coming who were formidable beyond anything that they had seen before. These people had crossed the read sea. They had went up against numerous nations along their journey towards the Canaan. When the son of man appears it will be incredibly clear. It is incredibly easy to become depressed when we see the terrible things that go on around us. It is an encouragement to know…

Sow Seed and Faint Not

If we are going to reap fruit we do need to plant. Paul says here that we will plant… we need to make sure we are planting good seed, that we are making a good investment. A farmer invests in good seed and good fertilizers he puts in the work. He trusts that if he puts in the work, effort and investment he can reap some kind of benefit at some point in the future. It takes an ongoing will and determination on our part if we…

The Church 1.0

With Christ as the cornerstone the church will be built. The gates of hell won’t be able to overcome the church. The children of Israel were one of the first referred to as a “congregation.” We see here the beginning of the “congregation of Israel.” Abraham was called and he went. “Abraham was our father. We are part of his bloodline, that’s what is important.” It was for Abraham’s faith that God chose him as the father of Israel.

Personal Authority in Christ

When Christ talked people listened. Jesus taught as one having authority. We need to keep in mind that our kingdom is not of this world. Our king commands, based on this truth, that we not fight. Instead of fighting authority we are told that we should obey authority and respect those in authority and pray for them. There will be times when…

Triumphal King!

If we go home today in a mindset of refection of what Christ has done for us, then we will have gotten what Christ has for us today.The history of the Passover makes the Passover very important to the Jewish people in years past and today. There is much more importance for us as Christians. From a kingly point of view the donkey wouldn’t have…