Spiritual Stairways

Jacob in his dream saw a ladder/stairway, on the ladder where angels going up and down. God was at the top of the ladder and he spoke a blessing and encouragement on Jacob. Spiritual progress for us here on earth is usually in “steps” as well. The angels on the ladder didn’t make great leaps from earth to heaven. Instead they made a bunch of smaller steps… steps that led them up and down the ladder. “When they knew God.” Everyone of us has a start…

A Christian’s Devotional Life

We must be abiding, living, remaining in Jesus to be fruitful Christians. Abiding involves all the Christian’s life. We are to be fruitful in every area of our life. A critical part of abiding in Christ is devotional time. One good measure of our spiritual health is our devotional life. Let’s be idealistic and think about a perfect devotions: Regulatory – a pattern of planned events. Prepare – putting away distractions. Prayer – asking God to speak to us from his word…

After God’s Own Heart

The heart is very important. It is the seat of our thoughts and attentions and attitudes. Above all things, guard your heart. The heart of a man (or a woman) is very important. Our heart makes us who we really are. God knows our hearts. He knows our hearts completely. What God sees in our hearts should matter to us. What kind of heart pleases God? David was described as a “man after God’s own heart.”

Man and God’s Sovereignty

The sovereignty of God is well established in scriptures. God is over all, all-powerful, all-knowing and all-wise. Just as nothing was created without him, nothing is beyond his reach or beyond his rule. When God decrees something, it will happen. Man can choose to rule his own life. God holds man accountable for the choices that he makes. Whether we are a christian or a sinner, to hear that God is sovereign will make us feel differently.

The Water of Life

Our bodies need water. Water is a solvent, which means that it dissolves other things, in our body this means that water carries all kinds of things to all parts of our body. A healthy body needs to have a correct balance of water inside and outside of each cell. Our bodies are largely water… we can live without food for a long time, but we can’t live without water.

The Role of a Parent

It is much easier to begin planting and watering when children are younger. Teaching our children is something that begins at a very early age. Every home has to deal with difficult things. How parents respond and how they deal with that can be a real testimony to their children. There is a spiritual battle going on. Each of us are being attacked.

Bartimaeus Cries To Jesus

We don’t know whether Bartimaeus was born blind or if it was something that happened to him later in life. Regardless, he faced a sever handicap that affected how he faced each and every day. Bartimaeus had heard about Jesus. When a crowd passed by and Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was coming by he cried out to Jesus… and kept calling earnestly.

The Importance of the Resurrection

The news cycle today is pretty short. The resurrection of Jesus is never old news. Acts, Romans – The disciples continually were preaching about Jesus being raised from the dead. The fact of the resurrection is told in Scripture, it is believable to those who are open to it. Jesus resurrection was prophesied in the Old Testament.

Relationships & I’m Sorry

There are two ways that our relationship with others can be disturbed. We can be offended. We can offend someone else. As God’s people, who are concerned about pleasing God, we want to follow peace with all men. Whether we have been offended or whether we have offended someone else, we have an obligation. If we have been wronged we are…

Christian Humility

We, as Christians are to “have the mind of Christ.” Jesus is the perfect model of humility. There is another model of “humility.” Ever since the fall of man, we have known about both models of humility. Both pride and humility. True humility begins with a bowing before God and acknowledging him. Humility abounds in a heart that has crucified…