An Inconvenient Truth

Marriage is for life. Divorce is not God’s plan. These are things we believe, but that we don’t talk about too much. The permanence of marriage is an inconvenient truth for many different groups of people. Many conservative christian people are “up at arms” about homosexuality, it is a sin. That remarriage after divorce is a sin as well is something that is also true. How grounded are you in the teaching of the scripture on the topic…

The Way of the Cross

Let’s take another look at the cross of Christ and think about what it really means for each of us. The blood of Jesus is something that we understand as Christians. The blood is only part of the cross experience. By faith we also die with Christ on that cross. Every day as we take up the cross anew we experience death again. The disgrace that Hebrews talks about here is the cross, the symbol of disgrace and death.

Death – The Final Enemy

The last enemy to be destroyed is death. We shouldn’t be preoccupied with dead, but it is very good for us to take a look every once in awhile at the issue of death. It is a very important subject for us to think about and come to terms with. God did not plan for death but He knew it would happen. God did not say that if Adam and Eve ate of the tree they weren’t supposed to that he would kill them.

Worthy is the Lamb

We are here to remember. We are here to remember while we take of the bread and drink of the cup. We remember Him, who he is, what he did and what he is like. Who is Jesus? He is the lamb of God who came and made provision so that the sin of the world could be taken away. The Jewish people were expecting a warrior, instead they got a “lamb of God.”

A Product of God’s Grace

We sometimes take so much credit for ourselves that we forget where everything comes from. Everything is a product of God’s grace in our lives. God’s grace comes down to us and is showered freely upon us. We are to pass this grace that we have received on to those around us. God’s grace is not for us to keep, but rather to pass on to others.

Gaining Spiritual Perspective

We don’t always understand everything and we don’t always know what God wants. There are times when we need to trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are influenced by those people and things around us that we place importance on and value. Those are the things that have an impact on us. If we value the Holy Spirit and his impact on us, we will…

Thanksgiving 1456 BC

It is good to step back and remember what all God has done for us.

This week during our thanksgiving celebration we are remembering the goodness of God to us. As Christians we have a lot of extra things that we are and can be thankful for. Above all we have Jesus and all that he has done for us. Moses here is leading the children of Israel…

Reaching Up – Reaching Out

Selfishness is like the force of gravity. Everything is pulled in towards me, towards myself. To counteract this inherit selfishness that is part of our human nature, we need the help of God. In order to counteract this tendency towards selfishness we must reach up to God. It is only when we are able to reach up towards God that we can reach out in compassion to others…