Rich Beyond Measure

1 Timothy 6 If we take a look at what we have and compare it to many in the world we are very rich. We have worked hard, we’ve (generally) earned what we have. Regardless of what we have or what we’ve accumulated we should not be proud of it. Ultimately all that we have […]

Father Glorify Thy Name

We don’t know exactly what Mary new at this point and what she didn’t know. Did she know that Jesus was going to die? Jerusalem was crowded with pilgrims who had come from all over to celebrate the Passover. They didn’t know that they were about to witness the “real” Passover lamb’s sacrifice. There was a large crowd of people following Jesus. The religious leaders of the day didn’t appreciate this fact. They were scheming that…

Living Christ Like at Home at Work and in the World

Our attention must be on Jesus Christ and the Word. By recognizing Jesus and his death and resurrection our old life is dead and buried… we are raised with Christ. We are told to live out our faith within our homes, to grow up to maturity. When we are at home we tend to let down our guard and drop the pretenses that we may have… even there we are called to live out the Christ life.

Thankfulness in Colossae

What we really need, and the only way to grow in Christ, is to have a life giving and life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Paul makes it clear that he and Epaphras were not competing. They were in fact working together. The gospel was being preached, people were accepting it and lives were being changed. How can we be planters and waterers and proclaimers and encouragers? It seems like Paul was praying constantly.

The Holy Kiss

This is a prayer prayed with “plural” language. David is praying not only for himself but also for all of God’s people. A lot of the prophets of old prayed in this manner… we should probably be praying in a similar manner as well.

God is building a spiritual kingdom. God is building his church. We do know that God is building this kingdom from every tribe and every nation.

Slaves of the Master

Let us first consider who Jesus is speaking to in this account. The disciples were his audience and they were eager and sincere followers of Jesus. There were also pharisees there. He may be speaking to the pharisees, but likely he was speaking to the disciples as well.

Jesus begins with a stern warning to those who would offend or hinder others in their faith. The pharisees were concerned…

You Finish the Story

Luke 15 These stories were told to the publicans and the tax collectors. Tax collectors worked form the Roman government. They were considered traitors, collaborating with the “enemy.” Tax collectors were shunned by the jews. The sinners mentioned here were those who had been “out cast” by the jews. The tax collectors and sinners were […]

Peace in the Local Church

This sermon – Peace in the Local Church – was originally preached 2014.01.19 by Sonny Yoder. Philippians 4:1-23 This last part of Philippians has much to say about church life. Paul had a deep love for the church at Philippi. Love goes a long way in a church. It is essential among believers. Paul says […]