An Appointment With Death

Death is not something we are accustomed to dealing with. Especially not something we plan into our daily lives. It isn’t something we wake up and think about every morning.

Life can end so quickly. Suddenly. In the blink of an eye.

Each one of us has an appointment with death. It isn’t something that we have set…

Our Attitude Towards People – Michael Yoder – 2012.11.11

This sermon – Our Attitude Towards People – was originally preached 2012.11.11 by Michael Yoder. Passages used: Luke 6:40, Romans 8:29, Mathew 9:35-36, Mathew 20:30-34, Mark 5, Mark 6:30-56, Mark 10:13-16, Luke 19, John 4:4, John 8, Luke 22:50-51, Luke 23:32-34. Quotable Quotes For every child of God, God has a plan and purpose – […]