Confidence, Assurance and Fruit

1 John 3:11-24 – There are three lessons we want to think about from this passage.

Our Fruit Should Be a Reassurance

There are times when it is hard to know whether our heart is telling us the truth or not. There are people who feel like they are fine and are not fine with God. There are others who feel less assured of where they stand with God when indeed they are securely walking with Christ.

When we love one another, God is abiding in us and he is working to perfect his love within us. Perfect love, love that has been perfected, shows us that God is at work within us – that we are the children of God.

If we are Christians we will be bearing fruit. If our heart is bothering us, the good fruit that is being produced in our lives should help us be reassured that God is working in our lives.

There are dangers if this is taken too far.
– Our fruit isn’t what saves us.
– Our fruit isn’t more important than our relationship with Christ.
– Our fruit shouldn’t overshadow sin in our lives.

An Unassured Heart is Unhealthy

1 John 2:28 – The word confidence means “openness, freedom of speech, boldness.” Lacking confidence of this type, the relationship with Christ cannot be what it should be.

Confident Christians Bear More Fruit

Asking and receiving is one of the biggest ways that we can bear fruit. Those who ask and receive are more fruitful than those who don’t ask and don’t receive.

If we are doubting of our relationship with God we will be more hesitant to ask him for things. If we have a healthy, fruitful relationship with Christ we will tend to be much more quick to pray and ask humbly, and with faith, of our Father.