Digging and Dunging for Our Lord and Redeemer

Luke 13:6-10

The future of this tree is a bit uncertain.

What is Jesus talking about? He is talking about people.

The goal is to have a life that is fruit bearing. It is important for us and for those around us that we live a life that bears fruit.

There is a temptation to cut the tree down.

It’s quick and easy to cut the tree down. For us it is much easier some times to give up hope and cut ties with people? Do we simply walk away?

The Lord is the one who should decide whether or not the tree gets cut down.

Luke 9:51-62

Does Jesus need to rebuke us when we are ready to just cut ties with someone? One thing we want to always remember is that we there will be times when we are the unfruitful tree. Sometimes it is you, sometimes it is me…

Luke 10:30-37

The good Samaritan wasn’t planning for this to happen. He probably had other plans for that money…

We also don’t know what was going through the mind of the priest and the levite.

The good Samaritan helped this man not because of who the guy beside the road was, but rather because of who he himself was. Do we make decisions about people based on who we are or on who they are?

Our decisions need to be based on who people are in Jesus mind.

Digging and dunging is dirty, messy work.

It can be difficult when we have people digging and dunging around us. We do however need to remember that at times we are the ones who need help. Sometimes we are the one laying in the ditch…

It is our business to give a tree every opportunity to bear fruit.

Unfruitfulness is a root problem.

A lot of times we look at the leaves and twigs. Often times the problem is under the ground at the real roots of who a person is. It isn’t about quick and easy answers all the time.

2 Peter 1:1-10

It takes a change of heart to really change.

Repentance is the only solution.

There is no hope for you or me or anyone apart from repentance.

The fruitful Christian is one who has repented. We were all sheep who had gone astray. The only way that we can possibly become fruitful is to repent.

The fruitful life is a life of change. A change in attitude. A change in goals. How we do business. How we do church.

Repentance changes how we do things.


Do I, do you, have a life of fruit bearing for Jesus?

Are we willing to “dig and dung?” It’s not easy… and eventually we will be glad that others dig and dung around us.

Are we willing to allow others to “dig and dung” around us?

We want mercy and compassion to be extended to us. We should always remember that when we are working with other people around us.