Expressing Deep Gratitude to Jesus for His Life Giving Blood

This sermon – Expressing Deep Gratitude to Jesus for His Life Giving Blood – was originally preached 2013.11.03 by Rich Bowman.

How do we express our gratitude to Jesus?

The early church was steadfast Acts 2:42.

We want to be reminded this morning of Jesus precious blood and what it has provided us with.

Colossians 1:1-22

Paul is calling the church at Colossae to be qualified to partake in this inheritance.

In some ways we are square pegs and Jesus wants to change us so that we fit into a round hole.

Romans 8

We need to be conformed to the image of Jesus if we are to be conformed to the kingdom of God.

We all know what it is like to experience a load of guilt. We feel a heavy burden. That is from God. We must deal with sin. God can and will cleanse us from guilt when we confess that sin.

The burden lifting is amazing. Freedom is found in confession and repentance.

Sin will still be a part of our lives it will happen. But it doesn’t have to control our thoughts and hearts and minds.

Here we are talking about someone who was giving their very own life and blood to redeem. It is one thing to set someone free but to erase this from someone’s life is incredible.

God the father has given Jesus control of everything. He put Things aside and came to earth as a human so that he could give his life for us.

Jesus knew how the human body was designed. He knew all the things that he would be taking on when he took the opportunity to become flesh and blood and suffer for us. Yet he did it anyway. For you and for me.

In verse 21 it comes down to us as individuals. We have been reconciled. We are changed fully and completely from what we were to what we are. We were aliens, away from where we should have been. Enemies. That is who we were. But because of Jesus blood we can be blameless. This is not from mans view but from Gods view. It’s because of his righteousness and his shed blood. It has nothing to so with us.

Beneath the cross of Jesus are two wonders. Gods great love. And our unworthiness. It isn’t about is and what we have done but rather it is all about Gods glorious love and our unworthiness.

We should experience deep gratitude to God. He has taken square pegs and trimmed them (us) into round holes.

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