Father Glorify Thy Name

Text for this sermon – John 12:12-50

We don’t know exactly what Mary new at this point and what she didn’t know. Did she know that Jesus was going to die?

Jerusalem was crowded with pilgrims who had come from all over to celebrate the Passover. They didn’t know that they were about to witness the “real” Passover lamb’s sacrifice. There was a large crowd of people following Jesus. The religious leaders of the day didn’t appreciate this fact. They were scheming that they needed to get rid of both Jesus and Lazarus.

Jesus death and resurrection were the hour of Satan’s defeat.

Jesus life and love are glorious. His being lifted on the cross are Jesus supreme example of his love. Jesus said, “When I am lifted up I will draw the people to me…”

This hour of glory also included the resurrection. Jesus winning the victory over death, living and reigning forever. Jesus compared it to the grain of wheat that falls to earth and dies, but because of that death it can also sprout and grow into something that gives many more seeds than the one that died. Jesus had the power within him to give life, but first he had to die… then he could be raised.

Jesus loved the Father’s will more than his own. He wanted to give his life to/for many… to you and to me.

We too need to die to our old selfish nature and life, then be raised to walk in a new life, one where we are placing our faith and lives in the hands of God.

Surely Jesus didn’t often struggle did he? At Lazarus grave he wept… he was troubled… As Jesus came into Jerusalem he saw the city and knowing that most would reject him he wept… Later in the garden of Gethsemane Jesus wept.

Hebrews 5:7 – Perhaps this is speaking primarily of the prayer in the garden? or perhaps it is referring to other times when Jesus was struggling with what was before him.

“Father, glorify thy name.” There is submission in this prayer, similar to how he prayed later in the garden. He was willing to suffer because it would bring glory to the Father. We purpose here, this is why Jesus had come to earth.

Jesus went through all of this because of his love for his Father… and his love for you and for me.

We go through tough times. There are many things that distress us. Death. Health problems. Wayward children. Rejection. Loneliness. Evil.

Satan does have some power in this world. It is power that the Father has allowed him to have. But satan can only do so much. The Father is in control.

When we tell the Father to “glorify thy name.” We are saying that we are willing to go through whatever is in the Father’s will. Praying in faith means committing our future to the will of our Father. Everything in life takes on significance. All of life has purpose. God will answer the prayer of the faithful.

God help us to grow in faith and in submission to the will of the Father.

We worship our suffering savior this morning.