Filled With Light – Rich Bowman – 2013.05.19

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This sermon – Filled With Light – was originally preached 2013.05.19 by Rich Bowman.

Passages used: 1 John 1, Luke 11:36.

Do you have a heart that is full of light with no dark corners?

Jesus is the only one who can make it possible for us to have a right relationship with God.

John’s Description of Christ

  • Christ was alive from before the world began.
  • He is God’s message of Light
  • He was from eternity past, yet he is offering us eternal life in the future
  • He was with the father and yet he came to live among us
  • He is light, there is no darkness in him
  • He lives in God’s presence
  • His blood can cleanse us from all our sin
  • He is faithful and just to cleanse us from every sin

John’s Message

Jesus is a credible messenger. He is from eternity past, but John saw and heard him, talked to him and even touched Him. His was a first person encounter with Christ. John new Christ. John is sharing this message of Christ with his readers so that they can have the same relationship with Jesus and the father that John himself has.

God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.

Our Choices

  • We have the choice to accept the relationship that John is laying out for us.
  • John challenges us to do what he says. We can read the book and let it go or we can read it and put it into action in our own lives.
  • We have the choice to live in the light of the presence of Christ.
  • We can choose cleansing from all of our sins. All our sins, not just the little ones.
  • We can choose to say that we have no sin, but John says if we make that choice we are deceiving our own selves and are refusing to accept the truth. Not only that we are lying and at the same time calling God a liar.

Look in the dark corners of your heart. Is there dark corners? What are they?

  • Doubt?
  • Fear?
  • Pride?
  • Trust?
  • Lust?
  • Some other sin?

The dark corners in your heart need the light of Jesus.

God is faithful. He does answer our prayers and He wants to give us peace in our lives. The best way to find peace in our lives is to allow the light of Christ to penetrate all the dark corners in our lives.