Finding My Place in the Kingdom

Why did you become a Christian? What were you looking for or hoping for? What kind of experience were you looking for?

For many people what God has in mind for them as a believer is way beyond anything they have imagined.

What if God is up to something really grand in the world?

One of the goals in life for each of us is that we are always wondering what God is up to in the world. Then we should try to get into it, participating in what God is doing.

Jesus came to resist and overthrow the devil. This is our work as well. We are called to kingdom activity.

Mathew 3:1-2

John the Baptist was preaching that “the kingdom of heaven is here.”

Mathew 4:12-17, Mathew 4:23-25

Jesus ministry fulfilled the prophesy of Isaiah. We get a look at the ministry of Jesus throughout the New Testament. Jesus didn’t just speak words, he also did things.

The ultimate and full redemption that we are looking for is in the next life. We are not looking for “heaven on earth.”

What is the kingdom of God? God’s kingdom is present when God’s will is being done. Righteousness is happening when God’s will is being done.

People participate in the building of God’s kingdom. We bring God’s kingdom into the present when we make choices to do the thing that God wants us to.

Through a constant and personal relationship with Jesus we can have the proper discernment. This is kingdom life. We are meant to “matter.” This is how we matter in the world (to God) – through our participation with God in the choices that we make in our relationships and as we administer the things we are responsible for in the world.

The truth of the matter is that you will spend your life working towards maturity. This is the call within this life, seeking to become a fully mature adult who can participate with God in the good work of establishing God’s righteousness in the world and the space around us.

God established his kingdom at the creation of the world.

Genesis 1:26-31

We bear the image of the life giving creator. We have been given dominion, responsibility where we are.

Do you have the wisdom and understanding of what your place is?

Jesus wants to live our lives with us. He wants to empower us and give us wisdom and understanding.

The kingdom is at hand because Jesus is at hand.

Jesus is everywhere. He is with you when you are mad. He wants to say something to you when you are mad. Being righteously indignant about evil is the right thing. It is important that when we are angry we respond the correct way, the kingdom way.

Jesus is working to establish his kingdom. Firstly he is working in our hearts.

Let us move out of these benches and into the work and kingdom of Jesus.