Go Ye Therefore

We’ve been to the mountain. Now what?

Jesus doesn’t just call us to the mountain. He then tells us to go, to go forth and put the things that we’ve learned to good use.

Matthew 28 – These last recorded words of Christ in Matthew are ones that we should listen to. Wheel look at the main 4 parts of this call to action.

  1. All Power – Jesus says that all power is his. Jesus is the risen savior, he has met Satan face to face, Christ is the all powerful Lord. The power of Jesus becomes available to us as we focus on him.
  2. All Nations
  3. All Things – teaching the observation of all things. We as Christians can sometimes seem to be somewhat apologetic for what we believe. We serve the king of all power, there is no reason to be ashamed of Him!
  4. All Ways – Christ promises to be with us all ways. Everywhere.

There is a “sandwich” here, where Christ is on both ends of things. All power is his, he will be with us all ways.

Consider the path that you are going to walk in life.

We receive a lot of influence and pressure to make good plans for our lives.

We all want to be successful in our lives, but how do we measure success when it comes to our Christian lives? God measures success by how faithful we are.