God is Light

Let me warn you first… the audio for this particular podcast episode is pretty horrible. I apologize… totally my fault.

1 John 1:1-2:2

Although he doesn’t specifically say it, it seems that this letter is written by John.

John obviously had no idea how big things would get. He started his career as a lowly fisherman, followed Jesus the Son of God, saw him crucified, saw him after the resurrection and then went on to write New Testament books that would be read by millions over the next couple thousand years. John is a great example of what God can do with our lives if we totally give our lives to him.

There are two things that John is wanting to do with this letter.

  1. He wants to “sure them up” and encourage them.
  2. He wants to help them combat false teaching.


John is talking about the Word of Life. Something that could be seen, touched, handled and heard. It is the gospel, not just the words of the gospel but a gospel that is lived out.

His message here is to relay this message, a message that makes a difference. It is the message of life.

God is Light

1 John 1:5 – John is starting at the beginning here. If a person had to describe God in a single statement this would be a good place to start. God is light.

God is perfect. He is good. He is just. There is no darkness.

1 Timothy 6:16 – God is the ultimate in holiness, in goodness.

Revelation 21 – The source of light in the New Jerusalem is God. It is hard for us to grasp immutability, unchanging in our changing word.

James – There is no change in the goodness of God. No matter what happens.

John 3 – God is also the revealer. He shines light on things.

Daniel 2 – In his prayer of thanks to God for revealing the dream to him, Daniel makes sure it is clear that God is the revealer.

Like the world needs the light of the sun, so we also need the light of the Son.

Isaiah 6 – Isaiah got a glimpse of who he was and where he stood in cleanliness to God.

We Cannot Walk in Darkness with God

John is talking here about a pattern of living. A pattern of living in sin.

John says, if you think it doesn’t matter how you walk… think again. You can’t be “in God” and “in darkness” at the same time.

Light doesn’t mix with darkness.

Abiding in Christ will change you. If you want to walk in darkness, God will not walk with you there.

God’s Light Brings Cleansing

If we confess our sins, God is faithful to forgive our sins.

John says that even as Christians there is a fairly good chance we’ll find ourselves having sinned. We aren’t perfect people, we will fail.

We sin, and we need help. Where do you go to get out of the darkness? We go to the light. The light of Jesus can and will cleanse us.

To confess is to agree with what the light is showing us. That we have sinned. We aren’t watering down our sin, we recognize that we’ve broken God’s law.


God is faithful. He is just. His forgiveness is anchored in this immutable reality and faithfulness. God’s faithfulness and justice also means that when we confess God is going to forgive us.

God is eager to cleanse us. Forgiveness isn’t something that he does begrudgingly, he is eager to forgive.

God is Light. He is pure goodness. He won’t change.

We can’t walk in darkness and walk with God.

If we walk in the light we are under his cleansing. When we sin, he will absolutely forgive us and cleanse us.