How I Fit In – Youth – Mark Yoder – 2012.09.29

This sermon – How I Fit In – Youth – was originally preached 2012.09.29 by Mark Yoder. This message is the sixth in a series that Mark preached during our fall revival meetings.

  1. God the Creator
  2. Who is the Blessed
  3. Only Potentate (With Children’s Class)
  4. Who Only Hath Immortality
  5. God is Light (With Children’s Class)
  6. How I Fit In – Youth
  7. Youth and Choices – Sanford Opening
  8. The Witness of Jesus Christ
  9. Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Passages used: 1 Timothy 6:13-16, Psalm 139.

Quotable Quotes

Stop, Look, and Think.

Your value isn’t in the way you look, but in who God made you to be.

Watch your heart, becaues out of your heart comes your life.

Be a person of honor for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Live life to the full… but in the Light of the Creator.

Go all the way with the Lord. Pray about it. Work at it. Change.

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