If You Would Walk With God

Any time a relationship happens between man and God it only happens because of God’s initiative.

Luke 10:22 – Jesus is the only hope we have to know God. We are faced with the choice to open the door and have a relationship with the creator of the universe. Or to not open the door when he calls us.

How can a man walk with God? Man, even in his wisest moments is far less wise than Gods foolishness.

Psalm 24:1-6 – God’s whole creation is designed to meet the needs of the creatures in creation. The world is full of all that we need.

Isaiah 63:8, Hebrews 11:5, Genesis 6:9

If we are serious about walking with God we need to pay attention to these three things.

John 14:29-31 – Wherever God finds a heart that loves the Lord, God is drawn to that heart and he wants to dwell there. If we are honest we probably don’t love God as we should.

There are things that we can measure our love of God by.

  • Our choices.
  • Our priorities.
  • Our obedience.

Don’t think that our devotion to God is not tested. There are many things upon which we can lay our affections in the world around us today. It is easy for us to stop and look and admire these other things before moving on to worship our God.

Do we love him? How?

It is impossible to go the same direction as God unless we agree with God about what is important and where we are going.

Malachi 2:6, Psalm 11:7 – God loves to see us working to forgive instead of exacting justice.

Men that walk with God love the things that God loves.

Isaiah 5:20 – There is a tremendous blurring of lines in the world today. We get so used to seeing the darkness that we can become comfortable in a mediocre situation, twilight.

Proverbs 6:16-19 – These are things that God hates. The content of our heart has a lot to do with how God walks with us.

Do you agree with God?

If we are going to walk with God we must walk humbly.

Micah 6:8, 1 Peter 5:5-6

It is entirely inconsistent to think that we can submit to God while refusing to submit to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

God says that he resists the proud. This isn’t a passive looking the other way, rather it is an active resistance.

Grace is somewhat like water from heaven, as it runs it seeks the lower areas leaving the high ones untouched. God wants to be there and bless the humble person. The higher we get, the more untouchable we are by grace and the more difficult it is for God to work in us.

Pride can reside in all sorts of people. It may be expressed differently but it is the same thing. Pride is like climbing a ladder, we can’t walk with God when we are climbing a ladder.

Daniel 2 – Pride is like 90 feet of pretense set up to flatter other people. Pride produces an image of who we wish we were.

We can’t walk with God while holding up a false pretense.

Pride is spiritual superiority. The publican and the pharisee show us this picture very clearly. People who have religious pride are people who own their own goodness and let other people know it.

Isaiah 57:15 – God lives in two places. The expanse of eternity and the humble heart. What a contrast…

If we find ourselves standing on something to get closer to God, it’s time to quit that. If we are living behind a facade it is time to take it off.

Beautiful things happen when the images that we put up come down. If we are dry and empty and isolated, beautiful things happen when these things come down in our lives.

How do we walk with God? Love him with all of our heart. Agree with God. Walk humbly with him.

Micah 4:5 – almost everyone wants to be identified by something. What evidence is there that we walk with God? The only way to end up where God is going is to go the same way he is going – by walking with Him.