Interpersonal Relationships – Merle Burkholder

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This sermon –¬†Interpersonal Relationships – was originally preached 2013.05.04 by Merle Burkholder.

This Message is part of a series of messages preached by Merle Burkholder at the Bethel Mennonite Spring Weekend Meetings.

  1. Interpersonal Relationships – Saturday Evening
  2. A Picture of Christ and the Church – Sunday Morning (1)
  3. Why God Created Families – Sunday Morning (2)
  4. Meaning for Life – Sunday Evening

Passages used: Genesis 25:27-28, Genesis 29.

Quotable Quotes

Different members of the body work together.

Everyone has some use in the body of Christ.

Many relationship problems in our lives come from not being content with what we have.

Unresolved interpersonal relationships

  1. God does not enjoy seeing this
  2. It doesn’t make us feel happy either
  3. Anger – makes us isolate ourselves and we live with constant stress in our lives.

The way we treat others often comes back around.

The real issue is how we feel about people in our hearts.

Honest face to face communication is the lubricant of relationship.