Jesus Took Time for Two of “The Rest”

Luke 24:13-49 – They were just two of “the rest” of the disciples. They were going home. They had had a couple of really bad days, and they were walking home.

Disciples of the Lord, pouring out their hearts to each other. This is the picture that we get here of these two disciples. They were walking together, not just physically on the road, but also in their spiritual lives.

It lessens our pain when others feel our pain with us. It builds trust. Even strangers can be encouraging to us when they have experienced a pain that you have struggled with. We can quickly build trust based on a shared pain.

Jesus in his discussion with these two disciples took the words they had heard growing up, the entire law and prophets and explained the crucifixion to them. It wasn’t the end… it was just he beginning!

These two had a serious problem, they were seriously discouraged. Jesus, a stranger to these two at the time, took the scripture and showed them the solution their problem. When was the last time that you experienced that? That is what scripture is able to do for us. It is there to challenge, elevate, encourage, shape and mold us.

Once they realized these things, and once they realized who Jesus was they ran back to Jerusalem. They wanted to share with the other disciples what they had witnessed. They wanted to share together.

We need to be willing to open our hearts to each other. We need to listen.