What Makes God Accessible?

God is accessible, we can reach out to him and experience what he offers us through Christ. Salvation and a holy life that is useful in the kingdom.

Acts 17:22-34 – Paul is in Athens, waiting for Silas and Timothy. He had just been pushed out of Thessalonica and Berea and ended up in Athens. Paul was never one to be idle, so he was observing the people of the city in Athens. These people were religious people, but they didn’t worship God they worshiped idols.

God doesn’t need us. We need him. He is the source of life, we are created by him and we need him.

We have a God who wants to be know, who wants to make himself known.

What Makes God Accessible?

Proximity – God is not far from us. He is close. He is not distant. God is everywhere. Where we are, he is there too.

Approachability – Does God want us coming to him? Esther 4 tells us about the plot to kill the Jews. The message to Esther, “go to the king and plead for us.” She replied that she hadn’t been called for 30 days… Most kings don’t just give audience to anyone. God is a different kind of king! He invites us to come to him. He accepts our coming and our presence. We have a standing invitation with God.

Attentiveness – Psalm 65:2 – God is attentive to hear when we come to him. A God who pays attention and who cares. God is a hearer of prayers. Not just back then in the New Testament times, but today, in our day and age.

James 4:8 – there is a question of proximity from our side of things as well. God is near to each of us, how near are we to him? Are we drawing closer to him? How open are we to his truth?