Meeting God on the Mountain – Part 1

As you read the scriptures mountains seem to have some sort of significance in numerous places. Jesus spent a fair amount of time with his disciples on mountains.

…and he will teach us His ways. — Isaiah

Have you asked yourself, “where is God?” God showed himself to other people and he showed up in their situations. At times we feel like God hasn’t showed up in our lives like he has for others.

Mount Sinai – God’s Presence

Exodus 19:20 – As God was working in the children of Israel they were excited. However the farther they got away from the things that were familiar, the places where God had miraculously done things for them, they started to ask if God was even among them any more.

God wants to reveal Himself and his presence to us.

On Mount Sinai the Lord showed himself to his people in a way that was never seen before and hasn’t been seen since. There was no doubt in the minds of anyone that God was there.

Be encouraged. Seek God’s presence. Ask God to show himself to you.

Psalm 139 – Sometimes our emotions can take us to places we don’t like going. Even there we need to know that God is there with us, regardless of where we are or think we are.

Seek God’s presence. God wants to show himself to you.

Mount Ararat – God’s Promises

Genesis 9:8-17 – We see a lot of “nice” pictures of the ark and the animals. Peacefully floating along… This is definitely not a 100% accurate portrayal of how things really were. Noah’s family undoubtedly was experiencing some cabin fever.

Maybe it feels like your world has fallen apart. Perhaps not, but at some point in your life you will be disappointed, people will disappoint you, things will not go as you wish them to. When this happens lift your eyes and look to the heavens. Look to the God who promises that he is here for us, right beside us, right with us.

Mount Caramel – God’s Power

1 Kings 18 – The people of Israel were in the middle of a drought. It hadn’t rained for a number of years!

Where the power really lay was something that was very evident when the sacrifice was completely consumed on Mount Caramel.

Perhaps you feel at time you feel like the world is entirely against you. Maybe you feel like no one understands you, what you are facing and your amazing struggles.

Know that God knows where you are. He has the power and the strength to show up in your life.

Seek God’s presence and allow Him to show himself to you and in and through you.