Meeting God on the Mountain – Part 2

Olivet – God’s Protection

2 Kings 6 – This mountain is not named. This is a story of Elisha.

Often we don’t see things as they actually are, instead we tend to see things as they “seem to be.”

In this story Elisha and his people were completely surrounded by the enemy. Elisha could see beyond the army and he could see that Gods servants were man more in number and had surrounded their enemies.

Psalm 3 – A Psalm of David when he fled from his son.

Find your identity in God. He is your shield.

Mount Mariah – God’s Provision

Genesis 22:8 – Abraham new what he was being asked to do.

What is the most precious thing in your life? What are you hanging onto? Maybe your dreams. Maybe security. Maybe possessions. Whatever it is, giving that thing to God allows his provision to become clearly seen.

Find your identity in God. When we see clearly we will be honest enough to admit that nothing is as important as finding your identity in Christ.

Mount Horeb – God’s Purpose

Exodus 3:1, 1 Kings 19:8 – Moses met God on Mount Horeb.

As you look at your life do you feel like your life is fulfilled or do you feel like there is something more for you.

God has a purpose for your life. Perhaps you feel like you have a good idea of what that is, but God is also very good at bringing things up in your life that help shape that purpose as you go, moment by moment.

What we do when we see people headed towards a fire while we are doing our own things? It is pretty easy to see this and say, “it’s not my job.”

Today we are in the position of Isaac. We have the ability to choose whether we will give ourselves up to him or if we will do our own thing and refuse to give control of our lives over to God.