Our Victorious Jesus

Luke 4:1-13

Luke wrote both the book of Luke and the book of Acts to this “Theophilus” guy.

In Luke 4 we will be taking a look at Jesus and his temptation in the desert. He was tempted for 40 days!

A lot of times we struggle because of past sins. We are tempted partially because of our past sin, however a victory can lead to the courage to win another battle.

Jesus temptation took place in the desert. Forty days is a long time to endure temptation.

It is important for us to understand that temptation isn’t sin. It can feel contaminating, but it isn’t sin.

After Jesus baptism there was a voice that came from heaven saying, “this is my Son in whom I am very pleased!” After this amazing experience Jesus was led out to the desert and faced these 40 days of temptation.

God’s Provision

Satan begins by questioning who Jesus said he was. He uses the same tactic on us often, “If you’re really a Christian why would you even be tempted by this?”

Jesus didn’t take things into his own hands. He trusted God knew best.

God’s Plan for Jesus

Satan knew that Jesus was planning to redeem man. Satan didn’t know all the details, but he did realize that Jesus was on earth to restore fellowship with God.

Satan’s idea was that Jesus could worship him, as a different way to restore all the world for Jesus.

Satan always mixes the truth with the lie. Jesus replied that it was unthinkable to trust anyone else but God and God’s plan for his life and the world.

We can stand up to Satan as well and say, “I’m worshiping God with my life.”

Presuming on God’s Promises

It is right to trust and believe God’s promises, but we dare not presume that things apply to things that they don’t apply.

We need to always listen with discernment. Filtering everything through the scripture and the Holy Spirit.

Hebrews and Corinthians tell us that Jesus knows exactly how it feels to be tempted as we are. We are not alone in the thing that we are tempted to do.

Whatever our need today, whether salvation or encouragement we can find it in Jesus.