Peace in the Local Church

This sermon – Peace in the Local Church – was originally preached 2014.01.19 by Sonny Yoder.

Philippians 4:1-23

This last part of Philippians has much to say about church life.

Paul had a deep love for the church at Philippi. Love goes a long way in a church. It is essential among believers.

Paul says that those who were saved under his ministry were like a “wreath of victory,” to him. He longed for them to remain faithful and fruitful to the end. They were his reward.

In any good relationship there must be a willingness to have some give and take. Even in the church this is true. Striving for harmony and working together is a beautiful thing!

Philippians 4:4

Paul is talking about rejoicing. It is a call to faith, belief in God even though the times are difficult.

We are to rejoice. That Jesus came to earth. That he suffered in our place. That he conquered death. That he is coming again. We have much to rejoice about, let us rejoice in the Lord even when life is difficult.

What would our church be like if we were truly gracious to everyone that we meet?

Philippians 4:6

Don’t let the things that burden you make you hard to deal with. Rather pray, bring your burdens to the Lord and leave them there. Bring everything to the Lord in prayer.

As we pray, let us not forget to be thankful. God is good and has delivered us in the past. He can and will do that for us again.

Philippians 4:7-9

The peace that we can experience, the peace of God, is a result of having peace with God. How does this happen for us? By repentance and turning fully to God in all we do.

The Prince of Peace wants to renew our minds. The mind must be disciplined if we are going to become kind and gracious to all people.

God is always present with us, sometimes we need to pray our way into God’s presence and allow him to change the way we are thinking.

Paul says that he has learned to be content, no matter what situation he found himself in. Paul learned to be content, we can learn to be content as well! Paul’s key was that he trusted God to take care of him.

What Did we Learn?

  • We can love each other
  • We can rejoice in the Lord
  • We can be gracious and gentle
  • We can be peacemakers
  • We should be generous
  • We should be content