Practicing a Forgiving Spirit

God is big enough to bring healing in any situation.

Mathew 5 – How do you sense when someone has a problem with you? How do we deal with it once we realize that a brother or sister has a problem with you.

We need to ask ourselves, is this person intentionally trying to hurt me or are we just being too sensitive.

Genesis 32:1-33:20 – Both Jacob and Esau had a responsibility here in their reconciliation and forgiveness.

This practice of forgiving changes our lives. If we don’t forgive someone it hurts us more than it hurts the other person.

Can you imagine the times that David had to forgive Saul for chasing him? David mourned mightily the death of Saul.

  • Am I clothed in humility? If we have a humble spirit we can walk in forgiveness.
  • Am I committed to peacemaking?
  • Do I choose and pray for love?
  • Is it easy for people to come to me when I’ve offended them?
  • Am I merciful to others?
  • Am I sympathetic to others?
  • Am I a cooperative person?
  • Am I a reasonable person?
  • Do I take care of the little things as they come up?