Why Praise the Lord?

Psalm 34:1-22

We should praise the Lord because God hears us when we pray.

God doesn’t always answer prayer the way that we want him to, but he does hear our prayers.

1 Samuel 21:10-15

David was experiencing great fear that the people of Gath would kill him. So he did something very strange… he pretended to be insane.

God is near to those who have a broken and crushed spirit. God is in the business of rebuilding. He is willing to come and get close to us.

Luke 4:18, Psalm 51:17

God is impressed and blessed and drawn to a broken heart.

God holds us. Just as he held Jesus.

God’s hands are good hands to have holding us. We need to be willing to just place ourselves in God’s hands.

John 10:1-42

God protects us and gives us security in Jesus. It isn’t in ourselves… its all because of Him!