Qualifications of a Minister

If you want to be where God wants you to be and you want to serve him the best you know how… he will be faithful.

Romans 10:14 – Paul tells us that we need some preachers. Some people need to be in a leadership opportunity, but we do all need to be teachers.

God could get his message out in a lot of different ways, but he uses men and women to get the news out to the world.

This thing of leadership can be very criticized. Moses was criticized as a leader, there are still plenty of people like that.

God wants a few broken and committed individuals to take the responsibility of a leader.

1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, 2 Timothy 2:2

  • Qualified brothers need to be doctrinally sound.
  • Look for men who even under pressure will do what they know to be right.
  • Look for a man who is faithful where he is. He that is faithful in the little things will also be faithful in much.
  • The home life of a man is another thing that needs to be considered. How a man relates to his wife and children is very telling.
  • 2 Timothy 2:24 – A preacher needs to be patient. Criticism will come, how will a minister control himself when it comes? Self is a huge problem causer if it isn’t controlled.
  • Humility is a very necessary trait of a minister and preacher.
  • A minister must have shepherds heart. “Keep the food low so that the lambs can reach it.”

There are some dangers that come along with being a preacher. At the end of the day these are men. They are human. There are a lot of leaders who have fallen.

  • Pride is probably one of the biggest perils that faces a preacher.
  • Entanglement with the things of this life can be a real danger for a minister.
  • Immorality can be a big problem for ministers. Paul told Timothy to treat all women with purity.
  • A man’s wife is a partner in the ministry of their husband. Look for a man who has a supportive wife.
  • Trying to please men is another peril that a preacher faces.
  • Having proper balance in what you preach about is also important. Giving proper balance to things.
  • Laziness and complicity is another thing that can be a problem for a preacher.

Look for a man who is a great follower of Jesus. It is impossible to be a good leader of a church without following Jesus closely.

Humble. Committed. Surrendered. A Shepherd. Such a man will make a good leader.