Repentance – Jeff Yoder – 2012.11.18

This sermon – Repentance – was originally preached 2012.11.18 by Jeff Yoder.

Passages used: Luke 15:11-32, Romans.

Quotable Quotes

That We Have Sinned… A lot of times we tell God that we want to go another way, that we want to set out on our own.

The Father loved his son enough that he allowed him to go ahead and take a step in a bad direction. He knew that he needed to learn on his own by failure.

We all are like the prodigal son. We have all rejected the Father.

The more we can understand how “terrible” we are, the more we can recognize the grand gulf between our goodness and Gods goodness.

Sin brings need. Satan can and does gives us things – but he always takes more things away from us. The son thought he was getting something, but in reality he was loosing a lot more.

If there is going to be repentance we must recognize our need of Him.

Repentance involves action: a real turning around.

The Fathers response here is amazing, remember that the son was probably still dressed in rags and in a very unkempt state of being. The Father gave him back almost everything that had been his before.

God is no fool… God waits for growth, for a change, to be apparent in our lives. The Father knew that had to be a change in his son if he was willing to humble himself and return to his father.

There is a major rejoicing in the return of the son. The son had to be rejoicing as well. He had to also think of his life in a different light than before, especially in regards to son-ship.

The older son had needs as well. He didn’t recognize that everything came from the Father. He didn’t recognize his need. He thought he was “self-sufficient.”

We must recognize that we are dependent on the Father. All we have and are comes from the Father.

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