Rich Beyond Measure

1 Timothy 6

If we take a look at what we have and compare it to many in the world we are very rich. We have worked hard, we’ve (generally) earned what we have.

Regardless of what we have or what we’ve accumulated we should not be proud of it. Ultimately all that we have comes from God.

The apostle Paul didn’t push for a revolution or redistribution of wealth. He did suggest however that those with needs would be taken care of by those who had plenty.

In a given church there may be a big variety in the material things that members have. These things should never cause walls or division amongst brothers.

We need to ask ourselves, are we content with the bare necessities? Food. Clothing. Shelter. Have we learned to be content, as Paul says he has learned to be in Philippians?

If we are to be content with just “the necessities” shouldn’t we be living a life that reflects this?

Watch yourself, if you are ever willing to do something unethical it is pretty clear that we love money more than the truth.

Career, business and earning are only one platform from which to reach those around us for Christ. It isn’t the only way, it is an important ministry opportunity.

It is important to keep important things first. The people around us are more important than a successful business or career. Love your family. Love your neighbors. Love your customers.

Flee the things of earth and evil. Run after righteousness. Fight the good fight of faith.