Sitting at Jesus’ Feet

Luke 10:38-42, John 5:24 – Are you thrilled to be a Christian today? We have passed from death to life because of Christ.

There was an important visitor coming to Martha’s house. The place was buzzing with excitement! Jesus was coming to visit Martha, Mary and Lazarus.

John 10:5 – Jesus loved this family very very much. Martha new and felt that Jesus loved her. Martha wanted express her great appreciation and acceptance of this love that she felt from Jesus.

Martha had a lot to do. She had many things to do in not a lot of time. Every part was important in the service of Jesus.

Jesus was talking about many wonderful things. Mary seems to have forgotten whatever her job was and she was engrossed in listening to what Jesus was saying.

A Personal Choice

Sitting at the feet of Jesus is a personal choice. Mary made the choice to sit at the feet of Jesus listening to what he had to say.

Martha on the other hand had made the choice to try to do as many things to make sure that everyone had a good experience.

Jesus will not force eternal life on anyone. He offers it to anyone who will listen, accept and believe. We can chose to accept or reject this offer that is freely available to us.

If we’ve chosen to answer the call of Jesus we have a daily choice to make. Do we sit at Jesus feet and listen for his speaking into our lives each day?

John 6:68 – Peter made a choice. He chose to stand with and for Christ.

Even in our business we can chose to to listen to Christ. It is important though to spend specific and unique time sitting at Jesus feet.

A Peaceful Experience

Sitting at Jesus’ feet is a peaceful experience.

When we are overwhelmed we need to go to Jesus and ask for help. Martha, in her overwhelm went to Jesus.

Jesus answered her… “My dear Martha…” These are words that Christ has for us when we are overwhelmed as well.

Philippians 4:6 – Don’t be anxious. This is what Jesus was helping Martha to understand. Jesus saw that Martha was anxious and troubled.

How often are we anxious and troubled?

A Prime Importance

Sitting at Jesus’ feet is a priority. A very important aspect of our lives.

Mary was where she needed to be. We need to take our hands off of “people management” at times as well.

Regardless of what is on your to-do list this coming week, all that we do should be as unto the Lord. But we must do them with an ear listening for the words of Jesus.

In all of our doing and activity we need to never forget to listen to Jesus.