A Call to be Saints

What is a saint? Are you and I saints? Isaiah 6:1-7 – Even our greatest efforts fall far short of God’s Holy and perfect standard. Deuteronomy 10:12-13 – A summary of God’s will and desire for his people. God expects the same of us today. At times it seems as if those who call themselves […]

Living Life with Purpose – Session 4

Revelation 3:21 – This verse speaks of a very special time, a day when we can leave behind the struggles that we face in this life and can sit down with Christ on the throne of victory. Purity Matthew 5:8 – Pure in heart, free from iniquity, free from the corruption of the world around […]

Living Life with Purpose – Session 3

Honesty Matthew 5:37 – Any time that your yes or no means more than yes or more than no… Jesus says that is unnecessary, indeed it is evil. Ephesians 4:25 – Put away lying. It is an “old man” behavior. Colossians 3, Revelation 21:8 – Honesty is a principle that should govern the life of […]

When They Knew God

“When they knew God.” In that chapter there is a progression downward of ungodly people. When they knew God, they didn’t follow him or worship him, they grabbed at their own wisdom instead of God’s wisdom. They worshiped idols. “Grace and peace be multiplied unto you.” God is offering you abundance. The isn’t just a wish or wishful thinking on the part of Peter, rather it is the desire of a loving heavenly Father. We need to have a foundation. A place to start from. Peter begins by…