After God’s Own Heart

The heart is very important. It is the seat of our thoughts and attentions and attitudes. Above all things, guard your heart. The heart of a man (or a woman) is very important. Our heart makes us who we really are. God knows our hearts. He knows our hearts completely. What God sees in our hearts should matter to us. What kind of heart pleases God? David was described as a “man after God’s own heart.”

Healing Reconciliation and Restoration

We live in a world that is full of hurting people. People who have deep hurts and emotional baggage. We have the blessed opportunity of giving the good news of the Bible to those who are hurting.

David did what he knew he wasn’t supposed to. Joab even tried to tell him that he shouldn’t count the people. The law said that the king…

Davids Altar

There is peace. Perfect peace in knowing God.

We have a God who answers our prayers. No other God is like our God. No other God can do what our God does… No other God has made the promise that if we ask we will receive.

God will get as serious with us as we get with Him. Those who fully trust God will find a much deeper relationship with Him.

God is Light (With Children’s Class) – Mark Yoder – 2012.09.28

This sermon – God is Light (With Children’s Class) – was originally preached 2012.09.28 by Mark Yoder. This message is the fifth in a series that Mark preached during our fall revival meetings. God the Creator Who is the Blessed Only Potentate (With Children’s Class) Who Only Hath Immortality God is Light (With Children’s Class) How […]