Serving the Lord with Gladness

Luke 1:6 – Zechariah and Elizabeth Luke 1:38 – Mary Matthew 1, 2 – Joseph – every time God spoke Joseph obeyed swiftly Luke 2 – Simeon & Anna – servants at heart Luke – Shepherds – Wisemen Sermon Text: Psalm 100 – God wants us to be faithful servants but he also wants us […]

What Does it Mean to You to be Part of the Family of God?

Which is the greatest institution of God? The home or the church? The same things that make marriage work, makes the church work. It takes commitment to make a marriage work and to make a church work. Adoption is a wonderful thing, a family reaching out and saying, “we want you to be a part […]

Living Life with Purpose – Session 4

Revelation 3:21 – This verse speaks of a very special time, a day when we can leave behind the struggles that we face in this life and can sit down with Christ on the throne of victory. Purity Matthew 5:8 – Pure in heart, free from iniquity, free from the corruption of the world around […]

Living Life with Purpose – Session 3

Honesty Matthew 5:37 – Any time that your yes or no means more than yes or more than no… Jesus says that is unnecessary, indeed it is evil. Ephesians 4:25 – Put away lying. It is an “old man” behavior. Colossians 3, Revelation 21:8 – Honesty is a principle that should govern the life of […]

How to Enter the Kingdom

What are the spiritual “things” that happen, or are happening when a person enters the kingdom? Who is qualified to enter the kingdom? What is the promise of God to Abraham, that all people throughout history would be his children, and they are all qualified to enter (there is some qualification). Jesus words here focus on the necessity of believing that Jesus is the son of God. He is the source of life, he is the one who can deliver us from condemnation and death. It is only those who fear and believe that…

The Kingdom of Jesus

How do we process all that is going on around this time of year? We are part of the kingdom of Christ, but do we loose focus because of the events in the news and the times we find ourselves living in? How do we relate to all this? It is good for us to know that living our lives in a way that reflects Christ does make a difference. Even though we aren’t always aware of the differences we are making in the lives of those around us. If you were to set up a king…

The Church 1.0

With Christ as the cornerstone the church will be built. The gates of hell won’t be able to overcome the church. The children of Israel were one of the first referred to as a “congregation.” We see here the beginning of the “congregation of Israel.” Abraham was called and he went. “Abraham was our father. We are part of his bloodline, that’s what is important.” It was for Abraham’s faith that God chose him as the father of Israel.

Man and God’s Sovereignty

The sovereignty of God is well established in scriptures. God is over all, all-powerful, all-knowing and all-wise. Just as nothing was created without him, nothing is beyond his reach or beyond his rule. When God decrees something, it will happen. Man can choose to rule his own life. God holds man accountable for the choices that he makes. Whether we are a christian or a sinner, to hear that God is sovereign will make us feel differently.