Living Life with Purpose – Session 5

God is Holy If there was a single word to describe God, this is it. God is holy. Psalms, Isaiah, 1 Peter, Revelation It is only right that we, as the children of God would live in a pure and holy way. If God’s holiness is his main and defining characteristic, it should be evident […]

Christmas and the Shepherds

This morning we are going to talk some about the shepherds. We are reading somewhat between the lines, but it appears that they were people who were in touch with God. The life of a shepherd does look attractive at times. There is a lot that we don’t know about these “faithful few” who surround the Christmas story. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to realize that they must have had a relationship with God before He put them in as a part of the…

Commas Save Lives

Lets eat, grandma. vs Lets eat grandma. There is only one difference between these two statements. The comma changes everything. We are talking about gossip and lies. The tongue is a very small and common thing. It’s like the comma in these two sentences, it changes everything. Gossip is like dandelion seeds. Once they are turned loose there is no bringing them back. They are “in the wind” its impossible to tell where they will go…

What is Your God Like?

God is a lot smaller and impersonal to people today than he should be. God is neither small nor impersonal. God told Moses in Exodus 3, that “I am that I am.” God is eternal, the self existing one. When we look at the names of God we start to get an idea of who he is. God is all powerful. God needs nothing outside of himself.