Youth With Influence

Part 1 God wants to change the world through Christian influence. We can’t hold people at gunpoint, but we may, should and are be influencing others. How does ketchup come out of a bottle? It is through the “squeezing” action. Christian influence is God being able to release the treasure of the Holy Spirit through […]

Abide in Him

1 John 2 Those who are trying to deceive you Anti-Christs aim to deceive. It isn’t that they are accidentally spreading false teaching, they teach with the motive of deception. Anti-Christs remind us that we are in the “last era.” The next thing on the horizon is the return of Christ. Anti-Christs are not “of […]

Jesus First Myself Last and Others in Between

2 Timothy 3:1-4 – A somewhat depressing description of our times. Of mankind, unregenerate. It is important for children to learn to share and get along with others. We expect to see this be a struggle with children, we don’t expect adults to be this way. Unfortunately though, being selfish is something that we as […]

An Encouragement for Mission and Outreach

Revelation 5:9 – Every tribe, every nation, every kind of people… not just our kind of people! My race, my clan, your race, your clan… all are recipients of God’s grace. We have a tremendous responsibility to share the things that God has done for us, and that he wants to do for those around […]

A Call to be Saints

What is a saint? Are you and I saints? Isaiah 6:1-7 – Even our greatest efforts fall far short of God’s Holy and perfect standard. Deuteronomy 10:12-13 – A summary of God’s will and desire for his people. God expects the same of us today. At times it seems as if those who call themselves […]

Living Christ Like at Home at Work and in the World

Our attention must be on Jesus Christ and the Word. By recognizing Jesus and his death and resurrection our old life is dead and buried… we are raised with Christ. We are told to live out our faith within our homes, to grow up to maturity. When we are at home we tend to let down our guard and drop the pretenses that we may have… even there we are called to live out the Christ life.

The Way of the Cross

Let’s take another look at the cross of Christ and think about what it really means for each of us. The blood of Jesus is something that we understand as Christians. The blood is only part of the cross experience. By faith we also die with Christ on that cross. Every day as we take up the cross anew we experience death again. The disgrace that Hebrews talks about here is the cross, the symbol of disgrace and death.

Sow Seed and Faint Not

If we are going to reap fruit we do need to plant. Paul says here that we will plant… we need to make sure we are planting good seed, that we are making a good investment. A farmer invests in good seed and good fertilizers he puts in the work. He trusts that if he puts in the work, effort and investment he can reap some kind of benefit at some point in the future. It takes an ongoing will and determination on our part if we…