Since We Have…

Hebrews 10:19-25 – The blood is the basis for the new covenant. Jesus told his disciples that his blood was the new covenant. Less than a day after Jesus told his disciples this, Jesus blood was poured out and he died. We have confidence this morning since we have the blood of Jesus. We also […]

Christian Victory

We have an enemy whose purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. He is an enemy with limitations and boundaries that he isn’t able to cross. Our enemy knows our weak points and he tries to capitalize on those. Paul tells us that we can’t give any ground to Satan, when we do we give […]

Serving the Lord with Gladness

Luke 1:6 – Zechariah and Elizabeth Luke 1:38 – Mary Matthew 1, 2 – Joseph – every time God spoke Joseph obeyed swiftly Luke 2 – Simeon & Anna – servants at heart Luke – Shepherds – Wisemen Sermon Text: Psalm 100 – God wants us to be faithful servants but he also wants us […]