A Call to be Saints

What is a saint? Are you and I saints? Isaiah 6:1-7 – Even our greatest efforts fall far short of God’s Holy and perfect standard. Deuteronomy 10:12-13 – A summary of God’s will and desire for his people. God expects the same of us today. At times it seems as if those who call themselves […]

Living Life with Purpose – Session 5

God is Holy If there was a single word to describe God, this is it. God is holy. Psalms, Isaiah, 1 Peter, Revelation It is only right that we, as the children of God would live in a pure and holy way. If God’s holiness is his main and defining characteristic, it should be evident […]

The Power of Our Gospel

When we stop hearing and we stop doing – we stop walking with him. The time is here and the time is now. If we don’t act on what we hear the urgency goes away. Here we are and if “it” still isn’t done, the best time to do it is today. If God has been showing you something, take care of it now. Today is the best day to do it. As believers we have something…

New Covenant Stewardship

Many fallacies in doctrine stem from a false understanding of who God is, but a lot of them also come from a false understanding of who we are. If we look at creation we can see how each part of creation, apart from humans, operates on instinct. God could have made humans who did the same thing… but he didn’t. A clarity and understanding…

Leading our Children to Truth

When we stop and think about the volume of truth that is available as well as the amount of untruth that is available it is truly incredible. We have a responsibility to lead our children into truth, helping them to discern the differences between truth and the untruth. As parents we are specifically called to that role. 1 Samuel 2:1-21 – This is Hannah’s prayer…

Christian Humility

We, as Christians are to “have the mind of Christ.” Jesus is the perfect model of humility. There is another model of “humility.” Ever since the fall of man, we have known about both models of humility. Both pride and humility. True humility begins with a bowing before God and acknowledging him. Humility abounds in a heart that has crucified…

Kingdom People and Eternal Destiny – Ivan Weaver

This sermon – Kingdom People and Eternal Destiny – was originally preached 2013.09.29 by Ivan Weaver. Scriptures used: Mathew 7:13-29, Ecclesiastes, Jeremiah 21:8, Psalms 37:38, Proverbs 11:19, Mathew 24:12, 2 Peter 2:2, 1 John 4:1, Ephesians, John 12:24-25, Revelation, Mathew 6, Mathew 25, Mathew 8:12, 1 Corinthians 11, John, Revelation 22:6, Mathew 8. The victory at the end […]

Abounding In The Works Of The Lord – Leon Yoder

Note: To download the mp3 file directly from this page, right click the download button above and choose Save Link As… Browse to where you want to save the file and click save. Also you can subscribe to the podcast feed via email or in iTunes using the options in the sidebar. This sermon – […]