The Water of Life

Our bodies need water. Water is a solvent, which means that it dissolves other things, in our body this means that water carries all kinds of things to all parts of our body. A healthy body needs to have a correct balance of water inside and outside of each cell. Our bodies are largely water… we can live without food for a long time, but we can’t live without water.

Personal Authority in Christ

When Christ talked people listened. Jesus taught as one having authority. We need to keep in mind that our kingdom is not of this world. Our king commands, based on this truth, that we not fight. Instead of fighting authority we are told that we should obey authority and respect those in authority and pray for them. There will be times when…

Qualifications of a Church

Romans 15:5-6 – One mind and one mouth glorifying God. 1 Corinthians 1:10-17, Philippians 1:27-30 – The church is to stand together, with one heart, one mind and one voice. United. We need to have one goal in mind as we move forward, to find leadership going forward, leadership that can lead us as God would have us go. How do we find…

Pride – A Problem – Leon Yoder – 2012.11.04

This sermon – Pride – A Problem – was originally preached 2012.11.04 by Leon Yoder. Passages used: Micah 6:6-8, James, Judges, Galatians 6:4, Romans 12:3, John 15, Mathew 11:28-30. Quotable Quotes Am I ahead of the rest? Do I stand out? One may feel like he doesn’t measure up. He may feel like he is a […]

My Heart is Steadfast – Jerrill Schrock – 2012.08.19

This sermon – My Heart is Steadfast – was originally preached 2012.08.19 by Jerrill Schrock. Passages used: Psalm 57:1-11, Luke 9:57-62, 1 Samuel 22, Judges 6:25, Isaiah 6:42, Psalm 8:1-4, Psalm 46:1-3. Note: To download the mp3 file directly from this page, right click the download button and choose Save Link As… Browse to where you […]