Avoiding the Trap of Balaam

Numbers 24:10-14, Revelation 2, Peter 2:15 We are being affected today. We are witnessing an unprecedented acceptance of God’s word to turn around and negate his message. Genesis 3:1 – The devil brings a question into the mind of Eve, “hath God said?” This isn’t something new that has come into existence recently, this is […]

Living Life with Purpose – Session 3

Honesty Matthew 5:37 – Any time that your yes or no means more than yes or more than no… Jesus says that is unnecessary, indeed it is evil. Ephesians 4:25 – Put away lying. It is an “old man” behavior. Colossians 3, Revelation 21:8 – Honesty is a principle that should govern the life of […]

The Narrative of the Magi

There is potential to get “Christmas fatigue.” However we should never get tired of the true Christmas story. Numbers 24:17 – A prophet, Balaam, from the Old Testament foretells the star. Balaam was a wicked prophet who continually tried to bring a curse against the people of Israel. His goal was to earn some money… Mathew 2:1-23 – The story of the Magi following a star to find Jesus. The Magi were the first gentiles to come to see the fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus.

A Rebellious Heart Is A Serious Thing

Every two year old has two questions that they are grappling with. If they can’t get these two questions answered in the right manner, they will find that they have a “tough row to hoe.” Can I do what I want to? Do I really have to obey authority? If we as parents have children who are growing up without getting the answers…

Establishing Ownership

Let’s look at God’s ownership of our bodies. In the beginning Satan lied to Adam and Even by telling them that God was with-holding good things from them. It is the same lie that Satan uses on us today as well. In what sense does “God own us?” He created us! God also gave us a free will. God didn’t make us to be a robot. God made us in…

New Covenant Stewardship

Many fallacies in doctrine stem from a false understanding of who God is, but a lot of them also come from a false understanding of who we are. If we look at creation we can see how each part of creation, apart from humans, operates on instinct. God could have made humans who did the same thing… but he didn’t. A clarity and understanding…