Youth With Influence

Part 1 God wants to change the world through Christian influence. We can’t hold people at gunpoint, but we may, should and are be influencing others. How does ketchup come out of a bottle? It is through the “squeezing” action. Christian influence is God being able to release the treasure of the Holy Spirit through […]

Serving the Lord with Gladness

Luke 1:6 – Zechariah and Elizabeth Luke 1:38 – Mary Matthew 1, 2 – Joseph – every time God spoke Joseph obeyed swiftly Luke 2 – Simeon & Anna – servants at heart Luke – Shepherds – Wisemen Sermon Text: Psalm 100 – God wants us to be faithful servants but he also wants us […]

The Secret of Contentment

Sermon Text: Philippians 4:1-23 What is contentment? What is the secret of contentment? How can we learn contentment? What is Contentment? Dictionary definition of contentment is – Contentment is the state of happiness and satisfaction. Is the secret of contentment having the right stuff? If we were to believe all of the advertisements we come […]

Sitting at Jesus’ Feet

Luke 10:38-42, John 5:24 – Are you thrilled to be a Christian today? We have passed from death to life because of Christ. There was an important visitor coming to Martha’s house. The place was buzzing with excitement! Jesus was coming to visit Martha, Mary and Lazarus. John 10:5 – Jesus loved this family very […]

Jesus First Myself Last and Others in Between

2 Timothy 3:1-4 – A somewhat depressing description of our times. Of mankind, unregenerate. It is important for children to learn to share and get along with others. We expect to see this be a struggle with children, we don’t expect adults to be this way. Unfortunately though, being selfish is something that we as […]

What Does it Mean to You to be Part of the Family of God?

Which is the greatest institution of God? The home or the church? The same things that make marriage work, makes the church work. It takes commitment to make a marriage work and to make a church work. Adoption is a wonderful thing, a family reaching out and saying, “we want you to be a part […]