Avoiding the Trap of Balaam

Numbers 24:10-14, Revelation 2, Peter 2:15 We are being affected today. We are witnessing an unprecedented acceptance of God’s word to turn around and negate his message. Genesis 3:1 – The devil brings a question into the mind of Eve, “hath God said?” This isn’t something new that has come into existence recently, this is […]

The Love Not the World Side of Loving the Lord with All Our Heart

Deuteronomy 6:4-5 – It was often easier for the Children of Israel to recognize and fear the Lord than it was for them to remember to love him. Matthew 22:35 – This command of love for God and others will never be demoted. This first commandment is still the first. It supersedes doctrinal differences. It […]

An Encouragement for Mission and Outreach

Revelation 5:9 – Every tribe, every nation, every kind of people… not just our kind of people! My race, my clan, your race, your clan… all are recipients of God’s grace. We have a tremendous responsibility to share the things that God has done for us, and that he wants to do for those around […]

Reading and Living by the Book

Psalm 1:2, Joshua 1:7-9 – What are we thinking about as we go about our days? Do we constantly reflect on Biblical truth and its principles? Many Christian people are in a rut, there is no or little joy in their Christian journey. Could it be that we are “doing it wrong” and have been […]

Living Life with Purpose – Session 5

God is Holy If there was a single word to describe God, this is it. God is holy. Psalms, Isaiah, 1 Peter, Revelation It is only right that we, as the children of God would live in a pure and holy way. If God’s holiness is his main and defining characteristic, it should be evident […]

Living Life with Purpose – Session 4

Revelation 3:21 – This verse speaks of a very special time, a day when we can leave behind the struggles that we face in this life and can sit down with Christ on the throne of victory. Purity Matthew 5:8 – Pure in heart, free from iniquity, free from the corruption of the world around […]

Living Life with Purpose – Session 3

Honesty Matthew 5:37 – Any time that your yes or no means more than yes or more than no… Jesus says that is unnecessary, indeed it is evil. Ephesians 4:25 – Put away lying. It is an “old man” behavior. Colossians 3, Revelation 21:8 – Honesty is a principle that should govern the life of […]

The Church 1.0

With Christ as the cornerstone the church will be built. The gates of hell won’t be able to overcome the church. The children of Israel were one of the first referred to as a “congregation.” We see here the beginning of the “congregation of Israel.” Abraham was called and he went. “Abraham was our father. We are part of his bloodline, that’s what is important.” It was for Abraham’s faith that God chose him as the father of Israel.