The Love Not the World Side of Loving the Lord with All Our Heart

Deuteronomy 6:4-5 – It was often easier for the Children of Israel to recognize and fear the Lord than it was for them to remember to love him. Matthew 22:35 – This command of love for God and others will never be demoted. This first commandment is still the first. It supersedes doctrinal differences. It […]

A Call to be Saints

What is a saint? Are you and I saints? Isaiah 6:1-7 – Even our greatest efforts fall far short of God’s Holy and perfect standard. Deuteronomy 10:12-13 – A summary of God’s will and desire for his people. God expects the same of us today. At times it seems as if those who call themselves […]

Living Life with Purpose – Session 5

God is Holy If there was a single word to describe God, this is it. God is holy. Psalms, Isaiah, 1 Peter, Revelation It is only right that we, as the children of God would live in a pure and holy way. If God’s holiness is his main and defining characteristic, it should be evident […]

Living Life with Purpose – Session 4

Revelation 3:21 – This verse speaks of a very special time, a day when we can leave behind the struggles that we face in this life and can sit down with Christ on the throne of victory. Purity Matthew 5:8 – Pure in heart, free from iniquity, free from the corruption of the world around […]

How to Enter the Kingdom

What are the spiritual “things” that happen, or are happening when a person enters the kingdom? Who is qualified to enter the kingdom? What is the promise of God to Abraham, that all people throughout history would be his children, and they are all qualified to enter (there is some qualification). Jesus words here focus on the necessity of believing that Jesus is the son of God. He is the source of life, he is the one who can deliver us from condemnation and death. It is only those who fear and believe that…

Qualifications of a Minister

If you want to be where God wants you to be and you want to serve him the best you know how… he will be faithful. Romans 10:14 – Paul tells us that we need some preachers. Some people need to be in a leadership opportunity, but we do all need to be teachers. God could get his message out in a lot of different ways, but he uses men and women to get the…