New Behavior of the New Man

We see in verses from both the old and the new covenant – truth is very important to God. Even Christians within the body of Christ struggle with telling the truth. Maybe we complement people when we don’t really feel it. You might say you’re glad to see someone when you’re not. You may say you’re fine when you’re not. Lying is a bad thing for the body… silence is also not a good thing for the body of Christ. As Christians we…

Part of the Kingdom of God

Can you imagine a place where God’s character is the law? Can you imagine the perfection… perfect love, nothing out of place, selfishness is so unheard of that every action is motivated by selfless concern for another, perfect holiness, a sin free place. A place where God’s spirit is the atmosphere. This place of course fits the definition of heaven perfectly.

Triumphal King!

If we go home today in a mindset of refection of what Christ has done for us, then we will have gotten what Christ has for us today.The history of the Passover makes the Passover very important to the Jewish people in years past and today. There is much more importance for us as Christians. From a kingly point of view the donkey wouldn’t have…

Who is the Blessed – Mark Yoder – 2012.09.25

This sermon – Who is the Blessed – was originally preached 2012.09.25 by Mark Yoder. This message is the Second in a series that Mark preached during our fall revival meetings. God the Creator Who is the Blessed Only Potentate (With Children’s Class) Who Only Hath Immortality God is Light (With Children’s Class) How I Fit […]