Thankfulness in Colossae

Colossians 1:1-2:5 – What we really need, and the only way to grow in Christ, is to have a life giving and life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Paul makes it clear that he and Epaphras were not competing. They were in fact working together. The gospel was being preached, people were accepting it and lives were being changed.

How can we be planters and waterers and proclaimers and encouragers?

It seems like Paul was praying constantly. He was thanking God for them and was also interceding for them. Anything that Paul did he first prayed about. Paul is a great model of how we should approach our prayer lives.

Paul was thankful for the love, endurance and steadfastness of the people in the church at Colossae. The whole church was standing together like a solid wall of defense. They were ready to refute the false teaching that they were facing.

Paul prays for the church, that they live in thankfulness. Are we joyful this morning? Are we constantly filled with gratitude that moves us to love Jesus and commit to him and obey him more completely?

Things We Should Be Thankful For

  • Our heavenly father has made us qualified to share in the inheritance of the saints. This means that we as Christians are truly sons and daughters of God!
  • We were once in the kingdom of darkness… but we have been or can be rescued and brought into the kingdom of light.
  • Redemption is something that is available to us. God, with his great love and mercy has provided forgiveness for our sins.
  • Jesus is the great reconciler. No longer do we need to be enemies of God.
  • We are being changed. We are not perfect yet… we are sinful, but we are on the way.